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What Moonshine Means to America from the Eyes of 2 Modern-Day Moonshiners

Moonshine might have a glamorous outlaw reputation, but to the families of Appalachia who made their own ‘shine, it meant so much more. For all of the ways moonshine has impacted America, few will point to its economic power in the Great Smoky Mountains. However, if there’s one way that families in the deep forests

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Comfort Food Gone Wild!

With the onset of cool weather, and presumably sometime soon some actual “cold” weather, since December is just a few days away, my thoughts have turned to “comfort food.” And a major ingredient in comfort food around my house is, of course, wild game. Now there are all sorts of wild critters currently residing in …

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Brussels Sprouts Crostini

Brussels Sprouts Cranberry Crostini

We are asked about how to take fresh ingredients into the backcountry constantly. We have a list of go-to tough veggies that we usually recommend, but Brussels sprouts, though hardy, are not on it. Except for around Thanksgiving. Even around the holidays, Brussels sprouts can be hard to sell, but this recipe will do it.

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