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Blades and History: Rome and the Empire of the Gladius

The Gladius Hispaniensis

During Rome’s 2nd century B.C incursions into the Iberian Peninsula, its legions were introduced to the enemy’s sword of choice, the gladius hispaniensis. Knowing a good thing when they saw one, Roman designers moved on from earlier models of swords and adapted the gladius for common use.

This Old School Knife/Pistol/Corkscrew Will Do the Trick

The Parisian Needlefire Knife-Pistol Combination is one interesting little piece of equipment. If you enjoy old gadgets and neat firearms of the past, we have got a treat for you. Originating from the 1860s-70s, this Parisian Needlefire Knife/Pistol is one sweet little collector’s item. This video breaks down every facet of this unique firearm and

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Why this Gutting Blade Works So Well

You’ll see the gutting blade in a new light after checking out the Outdoor Edge collection. American hunters have used traditional gut hooks on their skinning knives for decades, while European hunters have preferred an upside down gutting blade with a blunt tip to zip open their game. We have found the curved banana shaped gutting

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6 Reasons to Process Your Own Game

One of the best parts of being an outdoorsman is a chance to process your own game. We’re obviously prone to do things on our own at Outdoor Edge, but there seems to still be a contingency of hunters out there who still bring their harvests to a processor, spending unnecessary money on something they

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The Best Gentleman’s Knives


The Best Gentleman's Knives

They have been carried for centuries. Their designs qualify as functional art. They have been built into walking sticks, spring-loaded beneath the barrels of pistols and derringers, carried in silk-lined pockets of elegant, bespoke jackets. They are put to myriad utilitarian purposes. They even save lives.

Today, the gentleman’s knife may be discovered in a virtually unlimited array of designs, many of which push the science of ergonomics to new heights, a handful of which qualify as artistic masterpieces.

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The Great Indoors

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