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Video: ‘Family Guy’ Clip Hilariously Highlights Boat Launch Fail

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boat launch fail

The struggle is real at the good ol’ boat launch.  Launching a boat is a breeze if you know what you’re doing. We’ve all been there before, though. We’ve all witnessed that rookie tying up the ramp because they just understand the intricacies involved in backing up a boat. Try not to laugh as you

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Ryan Dubay & the Yak Patrol Kayak Clash


Ryan Dubay, ready to find you a feelfree kayak

This week, Ryan Dubay and one very excellent reason to celebrate survival.  Ryan is once again hosting his Yak Patrol Kayak Clash in Fairhaven, Mass. to benefit the Jimmy Fund.
Kayak fishing’s popularity has exploded in recent years so naturally, tournaments have been created in the spirit of competition, comradery and prizes. This is the fourth year for the Clash, a creation of Ryan Dubay, Team Member for the Feelfree Kayak Fishing Team, Pro Staff at NRS and Accent Paddles, avid outdoors-man and real life survivor.

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